Humid Weather Makeup Tips

As we know, the tropical climate is typical with high humidity makes you confused in the makeup and control oily skin. There are a lot of those who are willing to spend quite much money to curb the harmful factors to the face. However if you are extremely wise, you’ll be able to beautify by another smart ways to save money!

The skin plays a extremely important role in the makeup, therefore you should invest a appropriate time to take care it

Taking care of your skin

Although your congenital skin is beautiful, it does not mean that you neglect to take care for your skin. If you own an oily skin, you shouldn’t forget to apply moisture cream for skin because of being fear of your shiny skin. Taking care of skin is divided into 2 kinds:  use of materials from natural sources or other skin care product lines with the reputable names or firms and the quality has been confirmed.

With all kinds of cosmetics, the most basic steps to take care skin consists of:

  • Wash your face with mild cleanser, wash face by making foam and rub lightly on a circle shape, note the two rinse of nose, chin and between the eyebrows.
  • Use the mild balancing toner  (avoid using  those with high alcohol content and contain the cleanser grains because they can take away the natural nutrients and can even hurt your skin.)

If your skin does not have any blemish, use the next step by rub skin care moisture cream and then massage gently over the face in circle shape as it did when washing.

Do not forget to supply the water or white cream depending on your desire and condition of your skin. Understand clearly your skin needs what you will have a proper skin care way in order to own a healthy skin. And do not forget to remove dead skin once or twice a week with mild dead skin bleaching products.

With natural materials:

  • Supplement more vitamins and minerals to the skin from the natural materials is practical to own a smooth and healthy skin. A beautiful skin will determine 80% of your beauty.
  • Mixing white chicken egg with a few drops of lemon juice, and then apply it on your face until the solution is almost dry you wash again with water only (no need cleanser), you will own a smooth, bright white skin and the pores will be zoomed out (do once or twice a week).
  • Mixing a few drops of lemon with honey and then apply this solution to your face within 10-15 minutes and wash again with water will bring to you a clear- clean and smooth skin (do once or twice a week) and many another simple ways.


These girls who own oily skin often have a misconception, it is not need to use moisture product for their skin with a permanent fear: their skin will be oily and layer of makeup will be removed faster.. Moisturizer for oily skin is not only regulate the activity of the skin but also help bring a smooth makeup. Fulfill completely all steps of skin care as above, then wait more around 5 minutes to moisture layer absorbs deeply into skin. When you realize that the cream has dried out, it is time to take the steps of makeup process.

For oily skin you should use the water – proof products for eye makeup such as eye-liner, mascara and eyeshadow to be able to keep your eyes are sparkling almost day


  • Do not forget to put in your pocket a small package of oil absorbent paper, they will help you more confident.
  • Always remove and wash face after makeup and keep your skin is clear for at least 3 to 4 hours a day.
  • Eat more fruit and yogurt.
  • Drink water as much as you can, go to bed early and exercise – these jobs are always encouraged to own a healthy skin

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