5 Always-Trendy Makeup Tips

The power of makeup is certainly great, and it’s not surprising that women are constantly trying to find the best makeup products for them to highlight their natural beauty. Sometimes you choose the wrong style that completely ruins your overall look and ends up being unnatural. Let’s find out 5 always-trendy makeup tips for you to stay stunning and confident year-round.

Smoky eyes

Smoky eyes have been style for awhile and there is no sign that special trend goes out of style. The key for impressive smoky eyes is the proper color blending. It’s also important to mix light base colors with dark colors. Great combination is purple, green, blue and grey.The very next step is to apply eyeliner. Choose eyeliner that matches the colors of your smoky eye for the upper lash line, drawing line thicker in the middle of eye.Finally, finish with several coats of mascara. You’ll want to apply a few coats of mascara so lashes are thick and dark. For those don’t have natural long and curled lashes, curl them with the lash curler first. In case you want something new, opt for blue or purple mascara.Red lips

We already know that red is the color of love and the color of passion as well. It’s probably the sexiest color around and when painted on your lips, it’s dynamite. However, every single shade of red would look best on certain skin tones. You therefore, should choose the one that fix your skin tone the most. There is something you should keep in mind for perfect red lips:

Fair skin should look for blue-based red lipsticks; medium skin looks great with a larger range of red lipstick like Christina Aguilera. Meanwhile, purple-based lipstick will look good on those with dark skin tones.Avoid deep reds if you have thin lips as they tend to make lips look smaller.

Choose lighter shade if you’re older: To keep lips from looking too severe, try a rosy red or avoid red lips altogether and opt for a neutral shade, playing up your eyes instead.

Apply a little concealer around the border of your mouth to prevent “bleeding”.

Dark eyes

Dark eyes makeup is an increasing trend among young women. The key is the blending of light based colors like pink, orange, yellow and purple.Bright complexion

Opt for neutral toned eye colors, natural blush and light pink blush and a little bit lip-gloss is all what you need to do.Glossy and dark nail polish

Like other hot makeup trends, glossy and dark toned nail polishes are very fashionable and unique. For those in love with black nail polish, pairing it with light pink lip gloss and peach cheeks for great look. Remember that dark nail polish should go with short and round nail. The key to wearing dark nail polish and looking trendy is mixing this style in with some of the other feminine and girly trends. You don’t want to make yourself look gothic or punk when sporting your dark nails.



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