4 Different Ways To Rock A Ponytail

Ponytails are versatile hairstyles and those who think that ponytails are “bad hair remedies” only are completely wrong. They just don’t know the lovely fact that there are so many ways to rock a ponytail. Let’s find out some common ways to always look beautiful and gorgeous in simple ponytails.Ponytail is well-known as a simple and flexible hairstyle so you can wear it in lots of occasions such as going to school, hanging out with friends, going for a night party or even walking the red carpets like Hollywood stars. The great thing about ponytails is that just a small change can lead to totally different look for both casual and formal appearances. Below mentioned tips will help you rock the ponytails easily.

Low side ponytail

This style is great for women who don’t like wearing ponytails because they don’t want to lose any length- your hair will still look just as long with a low pony. For an easy, youthful look that guys love, secure your tresses by the nape of your neck and off to one side-then, drape the ponytail over your shoulder.For more feminine look, opt for some curls at the end. This hairstyle was easy, casual and elegant at the same time.Messy ponytail

Messy ponytail seems to be the most perfect and gorgeous ponytail ever and its effortless look always is the best one. Blake Lively just popularizes this trend so well. Many women are craving for this hairstyle as it is the one of the easiest ways that regular people can rip off celeb style and it can go well with any face shape. Here are some steps for you to copy Blake Lively’s look:

Step 1: Blow-dry hair loosely with your fingertips. Section off the front of your hair using your ears as a guide.

Step 2: Back-comb the back section of hair and pull it back to either a low ponytail or a mid-high ponytail using an elastic band.

Step 3: Take the front section and back-comb.

Step 4: Gently smooth back the front section over the pony tail and secure with a pin.

The key to get this look is that you dare to mess your hair up and don’t forget to spray your hair with hairspray.High and sleek ponytail

Ponytail becomes sexy and hot hairstyle only when you wear it in a right way. But don’t worry as this style is so easy to make. To achieve this look, all you need to do is to keep your hair high and sleek as its name tells. Always be sure that your hair is straight and tie them carefully then use hairspray to make sure there’s no flyaways. For an extra polished look, you can wrap the ponytail with your own hair. This fabulous hairstyle helps to highlight your eyes, for those have beautiful eyes, give this hairstyle a try and you will definitely never regret!

High braided ponytail

This hairstyle is back in a big way on many famous runways around the world for Fall and Winter 2011. This style looks very simple and gives that smooth and elegant finish. It is wearable for any casual and also formal event and is versatile enough to match any attire. You will absolutely be gorgeous and fantastic in this high braided ponytail as long as you keep it high and do the hair-braiding till the end. To make it a little messy like Blake Lively, alternate the thickness of your braid strands as you braid down and just be a little sloppy with your technique. This ponytail, therefore, is the perfect look for a fancier night where you really want to make a statement.




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