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Choosing a plus size prom dress is very similar to choosing any size prom dress. You want a dress that is going to flatter your curves, hide your flaws, and, for at least that one special night, make you feel like a beautiful fairy princess. Fewer plus sized prom dresses than regular sized prom dresses are manufactured; therefore, it is important that you begin shopping for yours early in the game.

A-line-Sweetheart-SleevelessA-line Sweetheart Sleeveless Chiffon Plus Size Prom Dresses/Evening Gowns With Rhinestone

Take a few minutes to think about what you want in a plus size prom dress. If friends frequently comment on your beautiful blue eyes, you might want a blue prom dress to show them off. Your long, flaming red locks might look great in a stunning green dress. Spending time now jotting down the things that are important to you in a plus size prom dress will save lots of time once the dress hunt begins.

Evaluate your body shape. If you have heavy hips, consider buying a full ball gown style prom dress. This style places the emphasis on your small waist, while camouflaging your hips. A full ball gown’s bottom half can be made of beautiful layers of netting that rest on one another. It can also be made with an inserted skirt hoop that holds the bottom out in a beautiful bell. A large bust looks great in a halter style dress and gives off an air of elegance.

An apple shape does well in an empire waistline or A-Line cut. Each of these styles moves viewers’ eyes to just under your bust line and allows excess fabric to flow freely downward over your stomach, instead of clinging to it. The empire and A-Line cut can be successful in either a floor length or short prom gown. Be sure the size is right for you, as too small a dress in this cut will cling to your stomach and rear.

A-line-Sweetheart-Sleeveless-Chiffon-Prom-DressesA-line Sweetheart Sleeveless Chiffon Prom Dresses With Rhinestone

Dark colors and shades are generally more flattering to the plus size woman than pastels. You do not need to choose black or brown, unless that is what you want to wear, but in choosing your greens, blues, or rusts, stick with the darker shades. If your favorite color happens to be a bright yellow, or pastel pink, choose a dress in a dark shade and accentuate it with a shawl, hair ribbon, and shoes in your yellow or pink.

For concerns about heavy arms, you can wear above-the-elbow gloves, or wrap a see-through wrap around your shoulders. Some dresses come with semi sleeves that fall just off the shoulder and provide a flattering neckline, while hiding the tops of the arms. Wearing large, unique bangle bracelets on your wrist will also take attention away from your upper arms.

If your legs are one of your best features, shop for a plus size prom dress that falls just above the knee. This will draw attention to your legs and away from less flattering features. Keep the bottom of the dress full, so attention is not drawn away from the legs and up to your hips.

Ball-Gown-Strapless-Short-Tulle-Prom-Dresses-With-BeadedBall Gown Strapless Short Tulle Prom Dresses With Beaded

Large prints that swallow smaller women look great on larger women. Choose a print that is wild and crazy for your special night and remember to get some jewelry that accentuates the style. Whether you choose bold patterns or a solid-color dress, always choose non-clingy, soft, flowing fabrics for the best fit and look. A dress that is too large will look awkward, while a too-small dress will accentuate the fact you are a plus size. Once you find the perfect plus size prom dress in your color and style, add shoes to the total look and then relax and enjoy your special evening.

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Avoiding Fashion Don’ts For Plus Size Women

Some plus size women believe that they can’t pull off certain looks and stick to oversize T- Shirts and baggy jeans with a certain thought that these clothing can help them hide their oversize body. But it’s a big mistake as with too big clothes, they will look even bigger and seem far more self-conscious. Stop trying to hide those curves, there are plenty of good ways to show them off with classy but fitted clothes. Here we would like to share some tips on how to keep you, plus size ladies, at your best look.

Stop wearing baggy clothes

This is one of the most common mistakes women make when they are not so confident with their shape, not only the over sized ones. Women should get the size they wear as clothes that are too large or too small will definitely not be able to pull out a perfect image. Especially for plus size women, they will look even more sloppy and like a bag lady with big clothes.

Stop the negative thoughts

You are plus size does not mean that you are not attractive in your own way. Emphasize on the good features that you have, wear clothing in the style that can show off your best assets.

Don’t put on small accessories

You think that big accessories will make you look bigger? On the contrary, your big size will be enlarged much more if appear with tiny cute accessories. Let’s opt for a large bag to offset your size.

Stop dressing in black.

For some reason, large women get caught up in wearing dark colors like black, grey, and brown. you can dress in black, but mix it with a light color to give you the greatest look ever. Monochromatic tops and bottoms are ideal for plus-size women. Also, you should pay more attention to the prints. Stick to small prints, subtle prints, don’t wear big huge flower prints or something like that as they will make you look larger. You should skip the vertical strips as well since they only add more attention to the problematic areas.

Don’t say no to high heels

Many fuller-figured women assume that they have to wear flat shoes as high heels will make the below part look smaller. It’s not true, as long as they go with your outfit then you still can look stunning. For example, keep the same color scheme from the waist down to your shoes will give the illusion of increased height. Pointed shoes are ideal as they can amazingly create a longer look.

Don’t dress your mom’s clothes!

Dress your age. This could be the most important rule for plus size women since they always tend to dress something old and not trendy. Many stores now have plus size areas with most trendy plus size clothing. Don’t try to “hide” yourself and your pretty curves. Embrace them and learn how to show them off, you will absolutely feel that you are not plus size any more!

And last but not least, never feel bad about your body. You may think that it’s harder for you to find fitting and suitable clothing for special cases, but what make you comfortable is not what you wear but how you feel. Be proud of your body. Apply what makes you happy and confident, not how others want to see you. Good luck!

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Shape of a Century: How Have Women’s Bodies Evolved?

Decades of beautiful female forms show the evolution of culture’s definition of the ‘perfect’ woman

The quest to be beautiful can be helped and hindered by many things, but when it comes to body shapes, could women be more attractive depending on the decade they are in? With the chance to see the changing perception of perfection played out on screen, women can now pinpoint when it was high-fashion to be elfin, glamorous to be curvalicious, and divine to be straight up and down.

Marisota, the online fashion retailer that specialises in clothing to make women of all shapes and sizes look fabulous, has created a range of images illustrating the evolution of the ideal female body shape from the 1920s right through to its predictions for 2020. The larger size womenswear specialist is here to show women of all shapes when their personal build may have been considered the most stunning, and what the future has in store for their figures.

Illustrated by images of the iconic women who inspired a decade – or two, in the case of one particular supermodel – the feature reveals the characteristics on each decade’s wishlist, and what women did to get them!

In Marisota’s journey through the looking-glasses of a century, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and a host of other beauties accompany the British public to display the motivation that has seen women go boyish, big-busted and almost fade away in the name of beauty!

Caroline Evans, Brand Director at Marisota said of the company’s latest release: “The last hundred years has shaped the ideal woman in many weird and wonderful ways, and we think this trip through the decades is a fascinating way to take it all in. We would all like to know when our particular body shape was in, and what we can expect in the future.

“There are some decades we hopefully won’t revisit in terms of body shapes,” she added, “but the forecast for the next ten years certainly looks positive in terms of fabulous curves and fuller figures!”

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Must Have Accessories for Plus Size Women

Stylish accessories are essential parts of a woman’s wardrobe. Beside plus size clothing, these fashionable items can really flatter even the simplest outfit. Plus size women generally think that they don’t need accessories because these will highlight their weak spots. However, some properly chosen accessories can do wonders to your silhouette, making you appear slimmer and sexier. Check out some must have accessories for plus size women and get inspired to find the perfect accessories for your own style.

Accessories are really stylish and versatile items of your wardrobe. You can mix and match them with different outfits in order to create many different looks. Some simple accessories can really jazz up every dress and express originality and good taste. Brighten up your look with some chic accessories that will flatter your features and transform you into a real diva. Check out some staple pieces which are absolute must-have items in every plus size women’s wardrobe.

  • Fashion Belt Nowadays belts are rather fashionable than functional. Stylish belts are highly in vogue this year, giving plus size women a great possibility to show off one of their greatest assets, their wonderful waist. Belts can enhance every outfit, lending you a trendy, feminine look. There are dozens of different belt styles you can choose from, however regular designs may not be as comfortable for you as elastic belts. These wonderful, tricky accent pieces can be worn under your bust area, matched with fashionable tunics, white shirts, loose dresses, sweaters or any other clothing item you would like to wear to accentuate your gorgeous waist.
  • Plus Sized Leggings Leggings are definitely one of the trendiest fashion items this year. However, you should avoid wearing them as a substitute for pants, since it is not flattering for your body type at all. Create a more sophisticated and tasteful outfit instead, by combining a chic pair of dark leggings with long tunics, minidresses, long sweaters or tees. Leggings can add softness and style to your look and last but not least they are extremely comfy and versatile wardrobe pieces.
  • Sunglasses Sunglasses are extremely chic accessories that will transform you into a real diva. These trendy fashion items are absolute must-have items in every plus size woman’s closet. A well-chosen pair of sunglasses that are flattering for your face shape will give you a classy air, making you look sexy and super-stylish.
  • Adequately Sized Handbags The power of a well-chosen, adequately sized handbag is generally underestimated by the majority of women. However, if you go for a handbag that is too small, you will end up looking as if you are bigger than you are in reality. For this reason, make sure that you pay attention to which type of handbags you shop for in the future. An ideal handbag creates a nice balance with your body, so it is advisable to shop for a handbag that is in proportion to your figure. Stay away from small totes or tiny bags because they do nothing else but optically make you seem larger. Use your creativity and add some pizzazz to your wardrobe by shopping for some stylish bags with ample straps and funky, chic colors that will jazz up your outfits.
  • Jewelry When shopping for jewelry, remember that scale and proportion are the most important things, which can make a huge difference to your look. Plus size women should avoid tiny jewelry, and choose instead larger, bold pieces, since thin necklaces, bracelets or tiny rings will visually make you look larger and will simply disappear on you. Go for chunky, statement jewelry pieces such as dangle earrings, which are perfect choices for plus size women who have a round face. Slim earrings are really flattering for your body type because these will nicely lengthen your face, giving you a thinner look. Bold, bright necklaces will enhance your facial features and express your individual style.(Items shown can be purchased at

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Nail Art Ideas For Euro Cup 2012

Euro 2012 has comed closer to the most exciting matchs. If you’re a huge fan of soccer, these nail art ideas can make you cry happily.

German flag nails

To polish the German national flag on your nails, you only need the lacquers in colors black, red and gold. Simple, right?

Firts, paint with your nail lacquer in black on one-third on the fingernails, followed by red and gold. You can polish these stripes in many directions if you like.

You can also create one flag on one fingernail only, remain the rest in mono-color nail polish as below.

Or polish the Germany flag on top of nails only, embellished by some rhinestones for this lovely look:

 Italy flag nail

For Italy flag nail, you need 3 nail polish colors : white. red and green, and proceed as in German flag nail.

You can also change direction of these stripes, add glitter for more eye-catching effect.

France flag nail

As simple as German flag nail and Italy flag nail, you can wear this nail art to come cheering your beloved team by 3 nail polish colors only: blue, red and white. Or being different with the French flag is on all nails but on the ring finger you rock with the Eiffel tower in the moonlight.

Spain flag nail

Spanish flag nail art is also stripes of color as those above, but a little more complicated with some details. This flag nail art requires 2 basic color: red and yellow.

If you find it is quite intricate paiting the details, simply pass it and have fun with basic stripes like the design below.

A fan of Spanish footbal team paint the flag on her face and nails to encourage her beloved team.

England flag nail

Have fun and show your support for England with this simple nail art idea with the red St George’s Cross on white base.

 Team these nail art ideas with coordinated clothing and once you appear, noone could not notice you.

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